Speaking role. Male. Age Range: 20-30’s

Born in Vermont in 1818, he was a skilled woodworker and built his own wagon to come west in 1845. He and his wife Elizabeth moved to Milton from Yamhill in 1850. He built 3 sawmills and a cider press over his lifetime. Elizabeth was famous for helping with medical needs in the county. They had 14 children.


Non-speaking role. Male. Age Range: middle school

Died July 29, 1873. The accident occurred on the 22d by his uncle, while out hunting. Mr. Griffin and his nephew, Arthur Smith, who had agreed to have a day’s hunt up the river a short distance, started out early in the morning. Arriving at the appointed place, young Arthur made a circuit through the timber, coming directly in front of his uncle, who, hearing the cracking brush, hastened to ascertain the cause. As he was walking rapidly forward, a branch caught the hammer of the gun, discharging it.


Non speaking roles. Age Range: High School-Adult

Multiple roles to fill.

Art by Paul Coca