Cold readings in a group setting, prompt 7pm audition time.

You can prepare something but it is not required.

Join us for auditions of While the Lights Were Out, directed by Tom Weaver in cooperation with Concord Theatricals. 
“A Thunderstorm! The lights go out! An agonized voice! A pistol shot! The lights come up! A blonde in black lace stands over the dead man holding a bloody dagger! The detective examines the body and announces “He’s been strangled! This is but the opening of one of the most astounding and hilarious murder mysteries ever staged. Every clue is a lulu and the plot twists furiously. The final solutions involves the most bizarre motive ever conceived! The delightful evening of mayhem gallops madly about the stage and will leave your audience breathless with surprise and laughter. The mystery is top notch, the character marvelous and the comedy explosive!”