OCTOBER 2022 – Shrieking Stables

Columbia County has it’s little treasures everywhere you look. Only a short little drive out of town takes you into forestland, or quaint country roads with iconic American farms dotting the landscape.

But what really goes on at some of our deep-country farms? Sure, many provide food, livestock, textiles, shower & bath products, etc. But what about those quiet ones, where neither human nor animal activity can be seen during daylight hours? You’ve heard some of the rumors, but surely those dark whispers exist in every rural county, and cannot possibly be true. Not out here in quiet Columbia County… could they?

Then why do some of those places seem to have stables, but no animals are ever seen in the yards? Why do a few of them receive truck deliveries, but no product ever leaves the farm? Why are people going missing but not being investigated? In this county where everyone knows everyone else’s secrets, surely nothing sinister could be going on without the locals finding out.

If you simply cannot stand the curiosity anymore, and just NEED to find out what’s going on out there, come attend the “Shrieking Stables” production this weekend. Presented by ShoeString Community Players, this series of shows will walk you through the Fairground stables. Visit this unique presentation of a haunting tale taking place on one of our deep-country farms, where your curiosity will be satisfied. But it will come at a price…

Shows run Friday and Saturday night, beginning at 7pm. Right when the Sun is going down, and regular people settle into their homes. Are you going to the Festival at the Columbia County Fairgrounds? End your night with us, October 21 and 22.

Dear Supporter of SSCP

I hope this letter finds you well. We are starting back up again after a long break during these difficult times. First, we would like to extend out our appreciation for supporting us in the past and hope you can continue to do so. We have had some changes in the laws referring to membership and our non-profit status. We are no longer asking for membership dues to be a part of this amazing organization but of course any money contributions are greatly appreciated. So, with that said we are asking if you want to continue to be on our email list and registered as a member. We do not sell our information. This is merely so you can stay informed of events in SSCP.

We have some events in the planning and would love to see you there or volunteer at any of our upcoming projects.

June 18                 Community Parade in St. Helens Theme is “Coming Back Together” We are asking any current and previous SSCP participants to walk in the parade and if possible, wear a past production t-shirt. We will have some shirts available from out storage but not sure on sizes and quantities. Or, just come and enjoy the company and walk with us. You must be able to walk the full mile from uptown to downtown as we will not have the larger trailer to ride on.

June 13-25           Woolly and Hopper Children’s Theater Workshop. We are coordinating with St. Helens Park and Rec to produce a children’s workshop. Registration is through their website. We are having two performances for the community to see their hard work on June 24 and 25 at St. Helens Middle School stage at 7pm. More information will be out shortly, so save the dates.

August/September – Auditions for October and November events if the scheduling goes as planned.

January – Will be the beginning of the production team meeting for the summer musical. To Be Announced. I promise you will like it.

Radio Show– Anyone interested in doing a radio show please let Shannon Vaerewyck know. You can email her at [email protected]. We are beginning to collaborate with Columbia Theater in Longview and would love to put together a Radio Show to go on their Winter show schedule.

Thank you

Shannon Vaerewyck – President

Stefani Weber – Secretary

Kathleen Grant – Treasurer

Beth Hoffee – Membership

Taylor-Jane Vaerewyck – Producer

Paul Terhune – Maintenance

Finch Vaerewyck – Youth Coordinator